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Direct Care Services


24 Hour Supervised Residential Support/Services


CLC's Residential Program is designed to enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities and special needs through personal development.


CLC homes are licensed and staffed 24 hours a day by employees who are thoroughly trained to meet the social and physical needs of the person living in the home. Qualified staff assist the client in retaining, acquiring and improving their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills.

​Our staff pride themselves on maintaining optimal health standards for client care, promoting choice and independence, and encouraging social, emotional and spiritual growth as defined by the individual. Our homes are decorated by the indivuduals who live in them.  Our program staff support the physical health needs of the residents, such as diabetic care, tube feeding and other assisted care as prescribed by their attending physician.



Adult Training Facility (Day Program)


Here you will find information on programs to develop hand and eye coordination while promoting job skills for your loved ones.

This program emphasizes academic ability by teaching alphabet, numbers and money recognition. It also promotes development of living skills, personal hygiene and housekeeping skills. This program also helps to strengthen community integration by utilizing outings that are geared toward the individuals interests.


In-Home Habilitation (Community Habilitation)


CLC's In Home Program is designed to support indivuduals with disabilities and special needs in achieving independence through personal accomplishments.  These services are provided in home and/or a community setting to assist the client in retaining, acquiring and improving ibility adapt self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. Some examples of services include basic housekeeping, accessibility adaptations, minor repairs and laundry assistance.


Respite Services


Respite services are provided to individuals with disabilities, on a short term basis, within our homes.  The service is provided in the absence of, or as a means of relief for the individual's caretaker.




Transporting clients to and from their homes to their scheduled appointments throughout the community.